SnackCube #001 Includes:

Salsa Fresca Beef Jerky

Salsa Fresca is a burst of freshness. Cilantro, onion, and tomato - this jerky tastes like it came straight from a jar of fresh salsa. 28g - 1 serving.

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Coco Cocao Granola

Light, crispy and subtly sweet, this flavor recalls your favorite chocolatey cereal—without the junk. 48g - 1 serving.

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PB & Chocolate Nutbutter Bar

Get a taste of a premium REAL FOOD nut butter bar. They have 10g of plant-based protein plus they are soft, creamy, and crispy. 54g - 1 serving.

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Tumeric Garlic Lily Pops

Popped water lily seeds are a crunchy, unique, and satisfying snack. 14g - 1 serving.

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Peanut Butter Bites

Traditionally called Paçoca (pronounced Pah-sō-Kah). Pasokin is a bite-sized peanut butter snack packed with real and simple ingredients. 30g - 1 serving.

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Mango Masala Granola Balls

Sassy Mango Masala is a healthy savory snack bite with a flavor experience you won't forget. 29g - 1 serving.

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Turmeric & Salt Sprouted Almonds

You will love these award winning savory sprouted almonds, loaded with flavor and a hint of turmeric. They are clean and packed with protein. Experience the crunch and feel the difference! 42g - 1 serving.

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